Connecting dots between cryptocurrency and real world economy.

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Introducing PlusCoin

PlusCoin has been developed to connect cryptocurrency and the real economy.
When you use access entertainment (game etc.) and F&B, you can pay with mobile commerce instead of cash.
It offers safety through blockchain technology and provides a cheaper that does not require fees.


Cryptocurrency that can be used in life

PlusCoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used like cash. It will be commercialized in 'Smart Plus', a mobile payment application, and 'Digstar', a game combining blockchain and cryptocurrency. Smartcon, one of our families, has more than 300 on/offline channels, so it be a more favorable and stable means of payment.


Cryptocurrency Exchange upXide

PlusCoin is listed in upXide, a cryptocurrency exchange, launched by Upside. PlusCoin investors can enjoy a variety of benefits within upXide.


Real economy based crytocurrency

PlusCoin issuer Metaps Plus does USD 100m in mobile transactions in Korea. In addition, the Metaps Group has a strong presence in China, Japan and Korea with operations in North Asia. Mobile FinTech platform meets the cryptocurrency economy to complete a “Money Flow Platform”

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Money Flow Platform

PlusCoin connects the real economy with the cryptocurrency economy.
PlusCoin will be used as a mobile payment and cash in various blockchain platforms.


  • March 2018 PlusCoin open for trading
    @ CoinRoom
  • 3rd quarter 2018 Listed in global exchanges
  • 3rd quarter 2018 CoinRoom 2.0 renewal

    (Launch upXide)

  • 3rd quarter 2018 Commercial use / Smart Plus
  • 4th quarter 2018 Launch DIGSTAR

How to buy PlusCoin

This list is provided for informational purposes only.
PlusCoin does not endorse, recommend and make any representations with respect to the gateways and exchanges that appear on this list.

Company Introduction

  • Metaps Plus

    No. 1 Mobile Marketing Platform

    Our reward-based advertising platform is generating revenue
    for app developers, advertisers and users.

  • Metaps Plus Business Area

    Revolutionary Mobile Ad Platform Services

    Abundant global marketing experience and know-how.
    The largest incentive CPI medium in Korea.
    Mobile gift service, online & offline affiliate marketing.

  • Company History

    Evolving global marketing platform

    We are creating new value as FinTech platform,
    to let our users to utilize various reward
    and mileages based on preferences.


How many PlusCoins have been issued?
The first issue was 11 million, and canceled 2 million in January 2018. There are currently a total of 9 million PlusCoin. Also, PlusCoin is a limited-issue, so there will not be any more issued.
What is the relationship between PlusCoin and upXide Exchange?
PlusCoin is MetapsPlus Inc. and upXide Exchange is Upside Inc. The two companies belong to Metaps Group and operate separately.
How do I save PlusCoin?
PlusCoin can be safely stored in the Etherwallet. Ethereum wallets can be created free of charge at MyEtherWallet (

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